Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

So I went to the shore for the weekend and forgot to blog. Bad Mae, bad bad Mae. Anyway, I ate a LOT of crap at the shore over the weekend, because that's what one does on vacation, eat crap. But now I'm back to the office, and what should be some regulated intake of food, except for the fact that I'm used to being fat. Bah!


Papa John's Breadsticks

Peanut Butter on Toast

Man, I think my eating habits are getting worse. It also does not help that work has us on 10 hour days. Plus I have an hour commute, and a girl does need to sleep some times. So there's no chance at exercise. Bah. Must find more time in the day.

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  1. Mae, I see a familiar food here. It is one of my favourite. Peanut Butter on Toast, I can just eat it anytime, breakfast, lunch, watching tv or any other time for a quick bite. Haha.


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