Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I suppose I should start out with the fact that I don't add any drink calories to my day ever. All I slug during the day is water, or calorie free coffee. So if you're wondering why I apparently don't drink anything during the day... don't worry, I do, it's just all calorie-free, so I don't record it.

Tuesday, trying to be better.

- Apple (roma)
- Yogurt (Dannon Light, strawberry)

Basic stuff. Apple again, very good. Yogurt, palatable, not really what I'd LIKE to eat for breakfast, because I would really like a McDonald's McGriddle and cinnamon buns... but whatever, the yogurt only has 80 calories, so it wins.

- Leftover pasta (normal healthy serving size)
- Carrot sticks and fresh green beans

I LOVE the pasta. LOVE it. Thankfully I used the whole grain pasta, so I'm not feeling as guilty, and it was only one serving size... The veggies are alright, I love the green beans, the carrots I just eat because they're good for my eyes and I'm trying to keep full.

Midafternoon snack
- Balance Bar (Cherry Pecan)

At this point, I may as well be eating glue. These things are disgusting. I may go back to the chocolate covered ones, because really for an extra 40 or so calories and least I won't want to GAG every time I have to consume my protein bar.

- Tuna sandwich, no mayo, a bit of dressing, whole grain bread.
- Banana

Scarfed again on a 15 minute break at job 2... I'm not sure eating this fast is healthy. I miss the mayo on the tuna sandwich. Tuna is better with mayo. And I buy the olive oil mayo, so it's not AS bad as the regular stuff. Lemon pepper vinaigrette is so much better for you though. Banana, all right. I much prefer banana bread... but I seriously must lose some weight.

After dinner snack.
- 4 pieces bruschetta - on whole grain italian bread

I really must stop eating at night, but I am SOOOOO tired and hungry after leaving the Home Depot, where I went straight after my day job. Sooo tired, so hungry, and food makes me feel better. And I feel somewhat better because the cheese was fat free, the bread was whole grain, the dressing was fat free, and all that's left was the veggies... so it's not like I ate a box of chocolates and some potato chips... but still.

Exercise - none really, I was standing for a few hours at the Depot, but I don't think that counts.

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