Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alright, back on track. Packed a full bag of food today, because I have to hit up both jobs. Awesome. I'm ready to get back towards losing 30 lbs and toning some abs, so that in vacay photos this year, I will look H-O-T-T... that's right 2 Ts.

Activia Light Yogurt, strawberry

Apparently this Activia yogurt is also supposed to help regulate my digestive system and make me feel healthier. We shall see Activia, we shall see. I really need to buy some disposable cups and start making my breakfast into a shake. I would be much happier with my breakfast if it were blended and frozen. Mmmmm, frozen.

Mid-morning snack
Zone Perfect Bar, Dark Chocolate Mocha

This thing is MUCH tastier than those balance fruit bars. (Not that it's actually tasty at all) and it's got more protein and only 20 more calories. I think I've hit upon the protein bar winner ladies and gents.

Salad: spinach, red leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, 2tsbp 1000 island dressing, roasted lean meat chicken
Campbell's soup to go, tomato

I actually enjoy this lunch, it makes me happy. Granted, it would make me happier if there were croutons on the salad. But those are carbs, and carbs are evil.

Mid afternoon snack
100 Calorie Snack Pack - Nip Cheese Crackers

Oh man, there are so few of these, and they are sooooo tasty. I guess this is why I buy them in 100 calorie packs... so I don't EAT a whole box.

Smart Ones Flatbread Wrap, Mozzerella & Chicken & Roasted Peppers
Carrot sticks

The Smart Ones this is actually quite tasty, not quite as good as the Lean Cuisine's ... but SOs were on sale, and oh, I had a coupon, making them uber cheap and what I'm eating this week.

Late night snack
Two pieces whole grain toast, with tiny bit of Olivio

Man, I can't seem to stop the late night snacking can I? I tried to have an orange, really I did, but my body is still craving the carbs. AND I did no exercise today, because if I had, I'd feel less guilty about the bread. Ah well, better luck tomorrow I hope.

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  1. picked up some yoplait yogurt, you know, it's on tv all the time. but, yikes, it's like 140 to 170 cal. for serving! activia is more like 100 cal. .... better.

    love a fresh spinach salad...just fresh spinach with cherry tomatoes!


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