Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Yogurt - activia light
Cherry tomatoes

I forgot to buy fruit this week thus far, but I like tomatoes better than bananas, so I'm not sad.

Mid morning snack
Zone perfect bar - dark chocolate mocha

I like these

Smart Ones - Southwestern wrap

Gotta love when a company makes something that gives you the appropriate amount of veggies, protein and grains per meal - LITTLE high on the sodium though.

Afternoon snack
100 calorie snack pack - cheese nip crackers
Carrot sticks

Man the crackers are so much tastier, and I'm allowed to have so few of them as compared to the carrots.

Honey Chipoltle Encrusted Salmon
Lemon Butter Noodles
Southwestern Corn Mix

The noodles are the best part, and I have to have such a small portion of them. But everything else is spicy and tasty!

The worst part, is that I followed this up with entirely too much Valentine's day candy! Cause it was on sale, and cheap today, and chocolate makes me happy. Boo. No weight loss looking possible this week. Must put exercise on the to-do list.

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