Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ok, today I thought was just going to be a crapshoot, because I have not bought groceries and pretty much had to purchase breakfast and lunch. However, eating crap all day pretty much got me less calories than the copious amounts of food I've been eating while dieting. However, probably not as much nutritional value, so I probably still lose in the long run.

Weight Today = 178 lbs; Calories Today = 1450

Dunkin Donuts Everything bagel w/margarine
Dunkin Donuts Coffee with milk and splenda

Chicken Salad Wrap w/ Tomato and Roasted Red Peppers
Small side Macaroni Salad

Mid Afternoon Snack:
100 Calories Pepperidge Farm Cheesy Crackers

Sweet Potato Fries with Salt

I just felt sick when I went home today, so I went to sleep. I got up later and heated up some sweet potato fries, cause they were easy to make and looked good. Then I went back to sleep. So again, no late night snacking, due to my intense desire to get more sleep. Still no exercising, though, and that is not good for my calorie count or my need to actually start losing weight.

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