Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ok, I know one day I fell off the boat. I had a lot of fattening and greasy food on Sunday for lunch, because I just felt like I needed it. Having one day off the boat won't be so bad once I'm in the regular swing of dieting each day, because I hear that it will in fact boost my metabolism for a little while.

I've also picked up some multi vitamins, I'm trying to remember to take one each day so that my health and diet will continue to flourish.

Weight - 179 lbs - probably still this high due to yesterday's splurging

Activia Light Yogurt - raspberry

Mid morning snack
100 calorie snack pack - nip cheese

Smart Ones - 3 cheese ziti

Salad - red leaf lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, roasted chicken, 1 tbsp 1000 island dressing
Soup - roasted red pepper soup
Toast - 2 slices whole grain extra protein bread - Pepperidge Farms

After dinner snack
Weight Watchers Chocolate Mousse popsicle

I know, I know, the first half of the day started out bad, because I was low on groceries, but I did go to the grocery store today, so that I would be stocked up for the rest of the week. I also did not get any exercise today, but I blame that on the grocery shopping, I was too tired after getting home from that and making one dinner for myself and another for Marc, who refuses to have soup and salad for dinner.

I also must say that the Weight Watcher popsicles are AMAZING. A serving is 2 of the things, and I only need 1 for a chocolate fix, and 1 only has 60 calories! I LOOOOOVE them!

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