Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, today I missed breakfast because I have not gone grocery shopping. I've also been missing weighing myself for the past few days, because I really just do not want to know. But at lunch I went to go get all sorts of healthy food for the day .

Sushi - california roll and 3 crabstick pieces

Mid afternoon snack:
Balance Bar, Carb Well Caramel

Light Life Veggie Masala

After Dinner Snack:
Two slices Pepperidge Farm 15 grain, double protein toast w/olivio

Calorie Count, courtesty of Spark People = 1213 ... not freakin bad. No exercise today though, which is not as good.

Also, these Light Life vegetarian frozen meals, are actually quite tasty. It rivaled some of the Indian food I've had at restaurants, I will have to track down more coupons for those. I also need to start remembering to take my multi-vitamin daily. I've been forgetting about that. True, the Balance Bar, and the diet meals do usually get most of my vitamins into me, but I like to be extra careful. Nothing wrong with being a bit healthier.

I also really need to start doing some sort of exercise during my lunch break. It's hard, because it's so freaking busy at work at the moment. No more excuses though, I do need to start ditching pounds. Stat.

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