Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Now, I know I'm going to fall off the wagon tonight, because I have two birthday celebrations to go to, and one involves dinner out. And if I'm going to buy food at a restaurant, I am certainly not going to purchase the diet option.

Weight today 179lbs - still ick

Activia Light Yogurt - Raspberry

Smart Ones - Pasta Primavera

Mid afternoon snack
Hot pretzel w/mustard (made fresh at the biergarten)

Fig and Cheese plate
Coconut Curry Pasta (the small portion)
(All from New World Bistro - sooooo tasty!)

After dinner
6 beers - Bud light

A bad day for dieting, but a good day for birthdays, and tasty, tasty food. No exercise or yoga today, but I did buy batteries today to put in the Wii fit next week... so that should help the exercise situation.

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