Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I think I'm slacking, because I'm putting things off till next week, when my work and sleep schedule will finally be acceptable enough to get in some exercise. And because I plan on heading to NYC this weekend, and when you go out you have to eat whatever the heckfire you feel like.

Dannon light and fit - strawberry

Mid morning snack:
Balance Bar - Sweet and Salty Peanut

Smart ones - Salisbury Steak w/mac and cheese
140 calories worth of Ritz crackers

Mid afternoon snack:

Light Life Veggie Masala

After dinner snack:
Left over garlic bread

Minus the after dinner snacking it would have been a good day for the diet. But a crap day for exercise, but what else is new. I have to work each night this week at the job that keeps me on my feet, so that makes me feel slightly better than lying around at home on the couch. I will walk a bunch this weekend in the city, I look forward to that.

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