Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok, so while the dieting has not kicked it up a notch yet, at least the recording of what I've been eating has been going better.


Mid morning snack
Protein Bar - Carb Well - Balance Bar

Smart Ones - Tuna Noodle Gratin

Chicken Francese with Pasta
Too many pieces of bread

After dinner
Sweet tarts

Ok, so I did not eat my disgusting yogurt today, couldn't help it... couldn't force myself to do it, and I also forgot to pack some veggies, because I'm out of plastic baggies. And I didn't eat my banana, because I just didn't want it... I'm going to have to do better at eating consistently tomorrow, and keeping my metabolism up!

Alright, so Marc and I both had the night off, so we went out to dinner. And I'm supposed to meet my sister for dinner tomorrow. However, I really need to get on this diet, because I got into my fat pants today, and my fat pants are tight. Which is NO GOOD. And it is now MARCH. And MARCH = springtime, and springtime = too soon to bathing suit time for comfort. MUST, MUST, MUST start exercising. Maybe I can go for a lunchtime walk each day at work. That might help. I know I won't today or tomorrow, because I am too busy and planned my day poorly. Maybe Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday will start the hardcore dieting and hardcore exercise. If I'm not behaving after Wednesday, yell at me!

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